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Electronical anti-noise helmet

Electronical anti-noise helmet

Electronical anti-noise helmetThe helmet allows to converse with someone. When the sound level becomes too high, the helmet isolates itself of external sounds.LCD indicator volume control On/ OffSensitive microphone powered by 2 AA batteries (no included)The impulsive noises with dangerous levels are immediately mute.It mutes high frequency dangerous noises but allows to hear no dangerous noises in particular voice frequencies.The low noises can be amplified so that you hear them better than if you do not have equipment.Read carefully the notice before use.Check if this equipment is adapted to the intended use.Replace the used or damaged equipments.For the security and hygiene this equipment is only for personal use.A misuse of the equipment may be considerably affect the mitigation level and lead to injuries or hopelessly hearing loss.An incorrect use can be dangerous; the user must be sure to understand, hear or see the alert signals in his environment.It is up to the user or his security manager to ensure when, where and how this equipment must be used.This product has been tested according to the european norms :EN352-1 : 2003 Protection against the noise. General requirement. Part 1 : HeadbandEN352-4 : 2001 Protection against the noise. Security requirements and tests. Part 4 :Headband to mitigation depending of level.It complies with European Directive 89/686/CE on Personal Protective Equipement (PPE).Certificate attestation CE n0501/444/159/03/08/0001 awarded by the CRITT, organism notified N050The attenuation signs of the PICB (Individual Protection Against the Noise) are obtained from standard methods allowing to identify the weakenings trough calculations of averages and standard deviations (16 test s

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